Calculation question

These relate to the calculations topic this month.  The calculations paper for the GPhC registration assessment allows you to use a calculator but it must be one of the ones specified.  Buy one of these models and get used to using it.  These questions do not have MCQ options and it is really important you answer in the units specified and round to the nearest whole number unless otherwise indicated.

We know that the only question for estimations of kidney function relates to you putting numbers into Cockcroft and Gault and then relating this to a fairly small number of drugs.  Because of this, all these questions are about meropenem you will need the information below for all the questions.

You should probably allow yourself three minutes per question.

General information

The SPC for meropenem IV would be provided in the resource pack in the actual assessment. It can be accessed here

The Cockcroft and Gault formula for estimating creatinine clearance is provided below:

Cockcroft and Gault formula

Estimated Creatinine Clearance in mL/minute =

(140 – Age) × Weight × Constant
Serum creatinine

(Age in years
Weight in kilograms; use ideal body-weight
Serum creatinine in micromol/litre
Constant = 1.23 for men; 1.04 for women)